The fresh way to store the medicinal plants

Storing fresh medicinal plants by drying is quite safe, this way of preservation is commonly called Simplicia without reducing the number of benefits from the drug content present in the plant. Aside from that, you may also need to check out the Marijuana Packaging online, so you will be able to store your prescribed and legal marijuana properly.

At the time of our medicinal plants abundant, often confused how to save it, especially when we are undergoing treatment by using traditional medicine or Herbal medicine, when the medicinal plants that we get a lot to excessive, but the needs are only a little but its use in a long time. What happened? the plant will change function. If we leave it in the open air that occurs in a short time the plants are moldy, if the tuber plants will usually grow buds into new plants that can not be utilized anymore, according to experts if such conditions are different drug content even sometimes turned toxic.

Often occurs at the time of on-going treatment, while the medicinal plant we have just used two or three times, but has begun to decompose dry and whither then rot. Though this plant takes it from a distant place.

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