How to keep your medicinal plants safe and fresh

Well, this is how to preserve Medicinal Plants from tubers, for example, Turmeric, Ginger, Ginger, Turmeric white and the others. At first what we noticed was the cleanliness of the plant itself. Must always be washed cleanly. Then the bulbs are to dry evenly we should thinly sliced, then we dry in the morning sun at seven to nine, because the ultra violent content is still very useful. While back and forth to dry, after quite dry until a few days of drying then crushed, then we keep a safe place. Can also be stored in dry slices do not have to be pounded first, when we have not needed. Meanwhile, you can also buy the trusted Marijuana Packaging, if you look for a good way to contain your prescribed marijuana for your own medication.

In addition, to dry with a free fuel giving the Creator, residing on the live wear, can also be dried by way in the oven, gas/electricity costs are quite an expensive, right?

Similarly, with medicinal plants in the form of leaves, the way is by washed, sliced and then dried.

Dry storage is safer, not overgrown with fungi. Even if the storage is very long before usable enough we wash the net can be consumed.

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